Leverage BI and Data Warehouse solutions to sharpen your competitive edge.
We will help to implement a data-driven approach to company management and automated data analytics.
Our developers build custom software and complex data processing projects for companies from USA, Europe, Türkiye, and other locations. We try our best to provide you with top software development services.
1Dataline Solutions is a data analytics integrator with a skilled team of experts in BI strategy, data warehouse architecture, and ETL processes. At our company, we utilize cutting-edge Microsoft tools such as Power BI, AZURE, and appropriate machine learning technologies to ensure we provide our customers with exceptional products and services.
What we have to offer
Developing the Business Intelligence function within your company is a strategic decision that will provide your business with a key competitive advantage.
We will help your business to get integrated, actionable, accurate and timely data and take care of this not easy process.

Data integration
Integrating data from multiple Data Sources is a common challenge when it comes to monitoring Business KPIs and making Data-Driven decisions.
We will help you to set up a Data Stack that is the best fit for your company based on the type data sources you work with, the budget that is available, and the business needs you want to solve with it. We have strong experience working with modern Data Stacks and widely used technologies.
Data Modeling
We successfully combine the understanding your business goals and processes with Data related best practices and our experience acquired by working with similar data and industries. We have strong practices in defining and implementing the best Data Modeling strategy for your use cases.
Data Visualisation
We will develop great Dashboards and Data Visualisations that will communicate your data effectively.
We worked and have experience with different BI and visualisation platforms including Tableau, Power BI, Looker, Google Data Studio and Metabase.
How It Works
and how we get results suits your business’ goals
Detect Business Needs
Businesses often require several forms of data to help them operate their company efficiently. We create a systematic understanding what to collect and how organize large sets of data to analyze. We count all the different types of data businesses: structured, non structured, internal, external, time-stamped and etc.
Track and integrate the data
Сollecting information from different sources, we carry out special procedures for collecting, cleaning, normalizing all data. Semi-structured data becomes useful and suitable for further analysis.
Analyze it and Model it.
You can’t just take people’s word for what’s wrong. Raw Data in itself is merely figures. Not the facts. On this step we help orginize, interpret, structure the data into useful information that provides context for the data. We will create an appropriate model for next steps.
Communicate the results
It's all about interacting with data. We combine multiple visualizations in one report that enables the users to tell a story about their data. Thus the companies can use to take actions, make changes, or refocus efforts accordingly. Finally you gain insights from the data and being able to apply these insights to your business.
Support and Operations (if needed)
By creating a system for collecting, transforming, structuring and visualizing data, we move on to continuous analysis and research for insights on a daily basis. We will help you to ensure the high uptime and availability of this system and provide all required technical support.
The Challenge
Typically, we begin a project with analytics and then move on to other tasks. By becoming a 1Dataline Solutions' client, you will have a strong and engaged partner who will not only share their experience but also assist you in implementing the most ambitious and intricate projects in the fields of BI-dashboards, DWH-architecture, data processing, and analysis.
Our Advantages
  • High value for money
    Developing such complex solutions in the field of machine learning, business intelligence, real-time data processing, we are hired qualified and educated IT engineers.
  • Easy to work with
    1Dataline is small and flexible company. Our management is open to new ideas and feedback. We provide excellent transparency at all stages of the project.
  • Good Support
    After the completion of the project, our clients continue to receive support from 1Dataline Team. Our managers and experts are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us during the weekends and at night.
  • Small and Mid-Sized
    Despite all are obsessd with battling for big companies we're more interested in small and mid-sized companies just like us. They’re underserved, they’re ignored, and they don’t get the respect they deserve. We are here for them. (We took the idea from the https://37signals.com/10/)
Our approach to communication
We communicate in English (proficient speaking and writing)
We prefer Google Chats/Skype/Slack/Telegram instant chats, and Zoom/Google Meet for rapid communication or conference calls. Even though we are an offshore IT software development company, and our team includes employees who speak different languages, we communicate English.

Our core technical engineering team located in Antalya (Türkiye). In spite of the time difference, we are responsive if you have any questions, ideas, concerns, or updates. We talk to you daily about how things are going, and how we can make improvements.

You are welcome to visit us in Antalya (the core team is here), and meet our executives and developers. We may also send our key members of the team to your office.