Products and Services
At 1Dataline Solutions, we have significant experience in every aspect of BI infrastructure development. This includes designing BI dashboards, data warehouse architecture, setting up efficient ETL processes, and creating powerful cloud analytics infrastructure using machine learning in Azure.
We build the necessary infrastructure to collect and process data, and then work with your business indicators to further optimize performance.
Do you need expert advice or don't know where to start with analytics?
You can schedule a free consultation, and we will help you build a step-by-step implementation plan tailored specifically to your needs.
As a result of working with us, our clients receive
Powerful BI-dashboards
Our team carefully and thoroughly organizes both obvious and hidden sources of information, collect and analize data. Then we will set up a set of coherent dashboards (reports) and assist you in formulating and testing hypotheses, and suggest ways to business development and optimizing of your business processes.
Data model that reflects the business
We'll examine how your business operates, identifying data sources and classifying them. Then we'll create a flexible and extendible data model that can accumulate information and enable end-to-end analytics.
Quality assurance
We consistently gather feedback to enhance our products and solutions based on your input. As you work with us, you will notice improvements aligned with your requests.
The team
If our analyst or team-mate encounters a complex issue, we involve whole our team, consisting of analysts, programmers, and testers. We address complex problems during a dedicated meeting. If complex automation is necessary, the IT team can work together to solve the problem.
The Challenge
Typically, we begin a project with analytics and then move on to other tasks. By becoming a 1Dataline Solutions' client, you will have a strong and engaged partner who will not only share their experience but also assist you in implementing the most ambitious and intricate projects in the fields of BI-dashboards, DWH-architecture, data processing, and analysis.
Our approach to communication
We communicate in English (proficient speaking and writing)
We prefer Google Chats/Skype/Slack/Telegram instant chats, and Zoom/Google Meet for rapid communication or conference calls. Even though we are an offshore IT software development company, and our team includes employees who speak different languages, we communicate English.

Our core technical engineering team located in Antalya (Türkiye). In spite of the time difference, we are responsive if you have any questions, ideas, concerns, or updates. We talk to you daily about how things are going, and how we can make improvements.

You are welcome to visit us in Antalya (the core team is here), and meet our executives and developers. We may also send our key members of the team to your office.